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Argentina Keyplayer in Biofuelsmarket

Argentina Keyplayer in Biofuelsmarket

Vision of the future
The market for biofuels has flourished in the past few years as a consequence of the development of renewable energy policies in the European Union and the United States of America. Argentina is able to become one of the major producers of biofuels worldwide. The biodiesel market especially, promises to bring about investments of up to one billion dollars in this economic sector until the year 2010. Amongst the advantages is a very qualified labor force, and significant agricultural production with a vast capacity to produce oilseeds. To support foreign investors and corresponding foreign import businesses the German-Argentinian Chamber of Industry and Commerce offers this publication, “Argentina: Key player in the biofuels market”.

Rubrik Rubrikangabe
Erstauflage 1. Auflage 01_2008
ISBN 978-987-24014-1-2